What Clients Say About Our Performance

Since I met with MCIRI team who came to the Refugees shelter in Westminster to help us with paperwork and job readiness skills, my life changed drastically, and I am now working a full time, Job. Mt English is not correct yet, but they also helped me a lot in learning the basic English for getting that job.
Westminster refugee
I only spoke Spanish when I came here and despite my experience in Warehousing in Chile and Brazil, I could not land in a job. I really thank the volunteer team of MCIRI for their endeavor in helping others. Since Feb 2024, I have already had a few interviews and I feel more confident in meeting recruiters.
Ayer refugee
I came from Haiti with my two kids, and we had a hard time getting by with the snow and the cold and the MCIRI along with the Rev. Demosthene’s church helped us in learning basic skills and better knowing how to manage the kids in a different social environment.
Gardner refugee
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