We offer services without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status,
religious belief, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age,
marital status, ability, military or veteran status, source of income or political affiliation.



The Massachusetts Center for the Integration of Refugees and Immigrants (MCIRI) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs and rights of refugees and immigrants in the North Central region of Massachusetts. MCIRI, provides legal services, social, and workforce development services to refugees, and other immigrants in the state of Massachusetts. We help refugees and Immigrants successfully rebuild their lives here in the US.

Our Mission & Vision


Transforming Lives, Enriching Communities: MCIRI is dedicated to transforming the lives of refugees and immigrants and enriching the communities they call home. By providing holistic support services, promoting education and employment opportunities, and fostering cultural exchange, we strive to create a more inclusive and vibrant society for all.


Leading the Way Towards Integration and Belonging: MCIRI aims to be a leading force in promoting the integration and sense of belonging of refugees and immigrants in Massachusetts. We aim to build bridges across cultures and communities through art, community outreach and collaboration.
Our specific objectives are:
1. Advocate and Protect Rights & Interest of members
2. Promotion of Public Health/ & Social Integration
3. Promote & Empower the Economic & Business of members
4. Promotion of Education / Skills development
5. Promotion of Cultural awareness and development


Refugee Resettlement

Tens of thousands of people now seek refuge in the United States.

Family and Community Support

Our family centers are warm and welcoming places in the community.

English as a second language

English skills, students gain leadership, problem solving, organizational and job skills.

Job Readiness

MCIRI strong with many workforce Development professionals equip refugees and immigrants with the skills,

Board Members

Gladys Petit Bois


Jeff Roberge


Jinglin J


Marie Norgaisse


Stanley Rodriguez




Outreach Services Facilitator

Marie Norgaisse

Education Program Diretor

Thea Richardson

Public Schools Liaison

Stanley Rodriguez

Finance and Operation Director

Rachel Petit Bois

IT Director

Adeline Rodriguez

Outreach Director

Maria Navarro

Marketing & Fundraising Manager

Gladys Petit Bois

Program Director


Our volunteers always going through the service

Community Outreach
The Community Of Immigrants In Fitchburg Acknowledging The Impact Of Services Received From MCIRI
MCIRI Welcoming Cubain Immigrants And Refugees In Fitchburg
Community Outreach


What beneficiaries say about our performance

Since I met with MCIRI team who came to the Refugees shelter in Westminster to help us with paperwork and job readiness skills, my life changed drastically, and I am now working a full time, Job. My English is not correct yet, but they also helped me a lot in learning the basic English for getting that job.
Westminster refugee
I only spoke Spanish when I came here and despite my experience in Warehousing in Chile and Brazil, I could not land in a job. I really thank the volunteer team of MCIRI for their endeavor in helping others. Since Feb 2024, I have already had a few interviews and I feel more confident in meeting recruiters.
Ayer refugee
I came from Haiti with my two kids, and we had a hard time getting by with the snow and the cold and the MCIRI along with the Rev. Demosthene’s church helped us in learning basic skills and better knowing how to manage the kids in a different social environment.
Gardner refugee
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Gladys Petit Bois

Co-founder of the Massachusetts Center for the Integration of Refugees and Immigrants (MCIRI).

Her ultimate goal is to reach out to those in need, with a special focus on children. Through her career and dedication to nursing, her aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals. By offering care, support, and a helping hand, she aspires to create a ripple effect of kindness that uplifts communities and brings hope to those facing adversity.

Jeff Roberge

Experienced and dedicated program director with strong core competencies across essential human services and case-management areas. Jeff is the current Executive Dir. Of “MassHire North Central Workforce Board”.


I’m a child of God, a redeemed sinner, a devoted mother of 4 great children, and a Solar Consultant who helps residents and business owners take control back of their energy costs. I realized that our value as humans is measured by how much we give, not how much we take. Let’s help!

Marie Norgaisse

Marie Norgaisse: Board member – Secretary is a retired Registered Nurse and has a track record as volunteer with different organizations serving in the community and abroad. The current influx of refugees presents her an opportunity to be part of the MCIRI Humanitarian organization, focused on serving refugees in need of finding housing, food, learning English, acquiring marketable skills, and finding employment

Stanley Rodriguez

Stanley always wanted to help and is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. He joined the “Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti” IJDH where he processed all incoming donations and grant awards and generated appropriate acknowledgement for donors and grantees.

The migrant crisis is another opportunity for Stanley to contribute and help the refugees settle as good citizens here in the state of Massachusetts.

Adeline Rodriguez

Adeline Rodriguez: Board member – Vice president is passionate about people, and human services. Her main goal is to see people’s lives change fulfilling their dreams. I am thrilled to be part of MCIRI where I can continue to help immigrants and refugees.